Life Insurance Testimonials

Wayne Kircher
You hear those stories about how a person found an insurance programme saved them when needed and a number of times you say Yeah Right…. But my thanks goes to Mike Lloyd of Lloyd’s Insurance. I met with this guy when I first came to Tauranga and my Life insurance was well over due for an overhaul, but I didn’t want to be spending much more as I thought it was a waste every week when I was unlikely to need it and my situation had changed with my family having grown up. I spoke with Mike and within a few days we had talked about and answered questions on my wants and needs. Mike put to me some new options but continued pushing for a two prong approach with half trauma and half life insurance and reasoned why. 18 months down the track I had a serious heart attack out of the blue, Mike was there with support and help to gather the info from doctors and then helped me lodge a claim. Two weeks after and with all the support you needed to manoeuvre through the insurance jargon, the insurer paid out for the trauma part of the policy. This sorted the ‘If in my Life’ just has he boasts he will do, to allow me to concentrate on getting better and planning a managed back to work programme. Mike Lloyd believes in the packages he designs for you, listens to what you need and is great at presenting and personalising options which work for each individual and for that I’m now very grateful. I know I wasn’t the greatest believer of the insurance world but I now believe that “Mike” is very much giving you the best in customised insurance.
December 2013
Insurance is right up there on my list of “I hate doing this”. The reasons being I don’t understand the policies, they are very expensive and seem to be time consuming. Insurance is also something that you will always regret if you don’t have it. A “catch 22” situation. A few years ago we had to change our Insurance Broker to Lloyds Insurance after being recommended to Mike. I had also had business network meetings with Mike so I was not going to be talking to a stranger. On meeting with us and reviewing the policies we had in play and spending a good amount of time finding out about us, Mike went away and worked out a proposal which consisted of new and reformed Health and Life policies. On our next meeting, we all sat and discussed the policies, Mike making sure that we understood what was on the table. This for a start was a first, as was the feeling that we were being offered a proposal, not being talked into a purchase. After making some changes, we happily purchased the insurance. In December 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Apart from the shock of the diagnosis the timing was horrific being so close to Christmas time. I vividly remember arriving home on a Friday night after finally getting surgery booked for the following Monday. Late as it was, I rang Mike and by Sunday he was at our house assuring me that all was in place and advising me on what my insurance would cover. It turned out that the policy was comprehensive and everything I was going to need and more was available to me. I went into surgery the next day at peace that financially we were well covered. This was a huge relief. Eighteen months later I am still getting good cover for related expenses for my claim, and I have been assured this is ongoing. Each year we review our policies and I am happy to say that we are still with Lloyds Insurance and intend to be for a very long time as we have great trust in the professional advice we get from Mike.
Alan Clements
JP/Sports Physiotherapist
Mike Lloyd has been our insurance broker since we went into business for ourselves over 23 years ago. We sit down with Mike each year, and go through our insurance policies, and discuss any new aspects of our business that Mike could see a need for cover. He has always listened to us, knows our business situation intimately, and has always offered constructive advice, and has never pushed us into something we did not what, or need, and has always had our best interests at the fore front of his advice. In the odd times we needed help, Mike is always there with guidance, and information to allow us to make an informed decision. Recently I suffered a medical set back, which could have cost us thousands of dollars, but Mike's wisdom in making sure we had the right insurance cover for any eventually has really paid off. It has taken huge stress off us, and has allowed us to be in a much better position than we would have been if we did not have cover. We have found Mike to a consummate professional in his field, up to date with all the changes, and always having our best interests covered. We consider Mike to be exceptional, and have no problem in recommending him to any who asks.