Key Person Business Insurance

Key Person Cover will pay a business an agreed benefit for up to two years if a key person is totally disabled because of a continuing sickness or injury.

Why your business needs it

In a small business, one or two people may be key revenue generators. The survival of that business may be at stake if they are unable to work and hence generate revenue. Total disability cover of up to two years gives the business time to recover and/or put in place appropriate measures to keep it running.

Your Lloyd's Insurance Adviser will assess your situation and help you select the right insurance based on a range of factors including the size of debts, size of your family, your budget and your lifestyle.

Included in your personal assessment is a fast and accurate comparison of suitable products from the huge range available from major insurance companies.

Match your Situation with the correct Insurance for your family's needs

For a personal Insurance assessment that will match your situation to the Insurance products which are in your best interest, talk to your local Lloyd's Insurance Adviser, or call us at any time on 07 572 1599 (+64 7 572 1599).