Pre-Existing Conditions

Health insurance policies are designed to cover health conditions arising after the commencement of the policy, rather than health conditions existing before the commencement of the policy. Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded from cover.

What is a pre-existing condition?

Each policy will contain its own definition for “pre-existing condition”. It is important to note that, while you may not consider that the health condition requiring treatment is a pre-existing condition, the policy will define what the insurer regards as a pre-existing condition. Read your policy carefully to determine what is a pre-existing condition and how the policy treats pre-existing conditions.Generally, a pre-existing condition is any health condition or symptoms, of which you were aware, or for which you had sought medical treatment or advice. This includes any health condition/s, which had not necessarily been diagnosed, but of which you had symptoms.

Disclosure of pre-existing conditions

When you apply for health insurance, the insurer relies on you to tell it about all pre-existing conditions, so it can decide what terms and conditions to offer. If you disclose a pre-existing condition, the insurance company may treat it in one of the following ways:

  1. offer cover for the condition, subject to an additional premium;
  2. permanently exclude cover for the condition; or
  3. exclude the condition from cover for a set period of time, i.e. 3 years.

Claims for undisclosed pre-existing conditions

If you do not tell the insurer about a pre-existing health condition, or symptoms, and you make a claim for it, or anything related to it, the insurer will probably decline the claim. This is because the policy excludes cover for pre-existing conditions which the insurer has not been told about and which it has not agreed to cover. This means that a condition, which develops after the policy commencement, will be excluded if it relates to a pre-existing condition.

Therefore, it is very important to accurately disclose all health conditions and symptoms when applying for health insurance; otherwise, if you make a claim for a pre-existing condition, it will probably be declined.

Be Aware!

If you currently have a health insurance policy and you are considering changing to another insurer, then you need to think very carefully about whether the other company will cover your pre-existing conditions. Often, you may have developed conditions, or symptoms of a condition, which would be covered if you remained with your current health insurer. But if you change policies, you might later discover your new policy does not cover the relevant condition.

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