Sourthern Cross Health Insurance

Group insurance can be a cost effective way of providing your staff with benefits to show how much you value them. Below are details of Plans offered through some work schemes

The following plans are only available through some specified employer work schemes:


HospitalCare is a plan for those who want to safeguard themselves and their families against the high cost of surgical treatment, but whose day-to-day expenses are not high enough to warrant a comprehensive healthcare plan. It includes benefits for specialist consultations, tests and imaging, providing they are within 4 months of related surgical treatment.

Hospital & SpecialistCare

Hospital & SpecialistCare provides the same benefits as HospitalCare but extends benefits to include specialist consultations, tests and imaging, whether or not they are related to surgical treatment.


SureCare provides similar benefits to Hospital & SpecialistCare. However, it suits those who prefer to keep their premiums lower by agreeing to pay an excess. A $50 excess or a $600 excess may apply, see the policy document for details.

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